Our platform backend solution

Our backend platform consists of:

  1. Hardware / Devices
  2. Software / Firmware 
  3. Insights and data analysis
  4. Reporting and API

To operate this system it will take a person a maximum of one hour, so basically if you can read, type and use a mouse you can use it!

You will be able to :

  • add new devices
  • create new users
  • add new groups / departments
  • add Locator Tags on specific locations or overlays
  • add Asset Tags to valuable goods or machines
  • create geofences and assign devices
  • setup alert functionalities
  • import overlays (multi-level buildings, golf courses)
  • look at historic track data
  • export data (if no API to your software is applicable)
  • create timesheets (if no API to your software is applicable)
  • alert SOS call numbers
  • and much more…

A wide variety of sensors and platform configurations allows you to adapt your devices into many different use-cases directly from the cloud.


  • Manage Your Entire IOT Deployment
  • No upfront investment required (no infrastructure or application to build)
  • Cloud, on-premise or private label available
  • Pay per use monthly subscription
  • Easy to use web user interface
  • Flexible data hosting and storage solution
  • Ad hoc / short implementation due to autonomous devices

Technical details

  • Device Sensor Management (upload rate, threshold triggers)
  • Battery Life Configuration and Management
  • Automatic Secure Device Provisioning
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Over The Air (OTA) Secure Firmware Updates
  • Alarms/Alerts

API interface to gather your data

We will deliver an API key and token to deliver a secure connection between your SAAS solution or Database to extract the data from our backend.

Legacy environments

Is your company not yet SAAS ready or you just want your data in excel .csv format, don’t worry we also can support these kinds of requests within our backend system.