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SimShield a “Secure APN”

Criminals have become more specialized and are using social networks to recruit and train others and coordinate fraud efforts. Phishing emails continue to find their way to persuade businesses and customers to click on links that then use malware to collect consumer data, including PINs and other authentication information used in online shopping, which leads to fraud and extortion.

The Fraud Help Desk in the Netherlands, which aims to protect people against fraud and other financially motivated crimes, reports that the financial damage caused by WhatsApp fraud in the Netherlands almost quadrupled in 2019. According to the Dutch Payments Association, the damage caused by online banking fraud due to phishing almost quadrupled in 2017 and has exponentially increased since.

Kaspersky a worldwide expert and advisor on cyber security solutions to protect you and your business from all types of viruses, malware, ransomware, and cyber threats to stay safe on all your devices recently published the “Mobile malware evolution 2019” with;

Figures of the year

In 2019, Kaspersky mobile products and technologies detected:

  • 3,503,952 malicious installation packages.
  • 69,777 new mobile banking Trojans.
  • 68,362 new mobile ransomware Trojans.

Trends of the year

In summing up 2019, two trends in particular stick out:

  • Attacks on users’ personal data became more frequent.
  • Detections of Trojans on the most popular application marketplaces became more frequent.

Attacks on personal data: stalkerware

Over the past year, the number of attacks on the personal data of mobile device users increased by half: from 40,386 unique users in 2018 to 67,500 in 2019. This is not about classic spyware or Trojans, but so-called stalkerware. For more detailed insights we recommend to read the Kaspersky report

Take Back Control !

The potential risk of becoming a victim to organized crime for blackmail and (sex)extortion in the mobile phone domain is increasing every day. Research by DDMA, the Dutch industry association of data-driven marketing, shows that 88% of the people interviewed want more control over their personal data, but that more than half think that there is nothing to be done about this. But there is now!

Check out SimShield and see how our “Secure APN” can keep nasty people and nuisance advertisements out of your mobile phone.

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