Mbasic is a device that we have used from the start. It is a device very suitable for basic track & trace functionality as it is mostly externally used.

The Backend control panel can use this device in combination with geofences and location-based alerts. Also, the SOS button can be used to call specific pre-set numbers or even connect to an alert call center to resolve emergencies quickly. Also automatic calling is initiated when somebody falls down and immediate response will be initiated.

Technical details

  • Device management in the customer portal
  • Geofence settings
  • Battery Life Configuration and Management
  • Text to voice messages
  • Alarms/Alert
  • Email settings
  • Push notifications on the mobile app
  • Device size 45mm x 62mm x 17mm

Healthcare use-case 

This device can perfectly be used for fall detection or give the elderly the opportunity to alert medics or family to quickly respond to their needs in case of an emergency.

By push notification and mobile app, it is also possible to get a notification once people have moved from a “safe zones” or get outside a perimeter or move to a restricted zone.