Mbox Premium

A device which we have developed in the past two years with a form factor which is common in healthcare and security professions to wear. This device has a few additional feature and functionalities in comparison with the Mbox Basic. These additional features are wifi and bluetooth but the device is only as big as a creditcard.

As this is now basically a fully functional IOT Hub, this device is capable of much more usecases than we can think of. That is why we currently have focus on healthcare, time management and security and access control and track & trace of goods and logistics.

Usecase healthcare

This device can perfectly be used for fall detection as well as register time for healthcare consults. This can drastically reduce the administrative burdon and gives the community more quality time for the most important things which is the actual healthcare of their patients.

 By push notification and mobile app it is also possible to get a notification once people have moved from a “save zones” or get outside a perimiter or move to a restricted zone.