Mbox Intelligent IOT Hub

Mbox Premium is a 100% Dutch design with production and development in The Netherlands. Mbox Premium is shaped in a form factor that is commonly used in healthcare, security and logistics professions. Even with integrated features as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Mbox is as small and compact as a Corporate ID or Credit card.

Mbox Premium is basically a fully functional IOT Hub that is capable of many more use-cases than we now can think of. That is why we currently keep our focus on healthcare, time management, security and access control and track & trace of goods and logistics. A new additional functionality is currently in development and will soon be available to the market which will add even more added value to products and services.

Technical details

  • Device Sensor Management  (upload rate, threshold triggers)
  • Battery Life Configuration and Management
  • Automatic Secure Device Provisioning
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Over The Air (OTA) Secure Firmware Updates
  • Alarms/Alert
  • Device size 50mm x 50mm x 5mm

Form factor designs 

For an ultimate end-user experience the Mbox form factor is kept extremely small and slim. If a bigger size or more robust IOT hub is more suitable for your specific business case, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a custom build solution for your business process of product logistics insights. 

Use-case healthcare

The Mbox can perfectly be used to register time and travel for healthcare consults. This can drastically reduce the administrative burdens and gives the healthcare professional more quality time for the people in their care. 

With push notifications in the mobile app caretakers receive a notification once people have moved from a “safe zones” or get outside a perimeter or move to a restricted zone.


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